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BELS Language Academy

Investing in growing your language abilities is one of the best investments you can make to give you a competitive advantage among your peers and to broaden your horizons to communicate internationally. BELS provides group and individual language lessons to help you on your journey of becoming multi-lingual. Depending on your language goals, we can provide an adaptive lesson plan to help you become fluent in specific areas of focus as well. 

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What To Expect

Ruined Ancient Architecture

Cultural Immersion to Provide Memorable
Learning Experiences

The key to learning language is to completely immerse yourself in the language and its culture by all means possible.

BELS is dedicated to creating rich and immersive cultural content based on historical and current events in the target language that will create memorable learning experiences.

There will also be opportunities for the student to select topics of their own interest!

Thinking of Ideas

Engaging Material to Foster Expression

Our language teachers will be using some of the latest methods of learning that is backed by psychology, creating content that engages the student and provokes them to think and share their own ideas to help accelerate the language learning process in a way that is more memorable and unique for every individual.

This is the key to being able to express in the target language which usually is the hardest part. For that reason, our learning environment is setup to foster a safe place for students to feel capable and not be discouraged while they are learning and growing. 

Supportive Doctor

Personalized Lessons Applicable to Career or Personal Goals

Whether you want to travel or use your language skills in your career, everyone has their own specific reasons and goals for where they would like to apply their languages. BELS will provide personalized lessons that will allow for the use of specialized terminology adapted to a specific career field or other settings where the learner wishes to apply their language skills.



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Address: 341 S 3rd St Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43215

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