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Interpretation Services

(On-Site) Interpretation

Overcome language barriers with our face-to-face interpreter services. Our seasoned interpreters specialize in creating a seamless bridge between languages, ensuring precision and clarity in every interaction. Whether it's a crucial business negotiation, a vital medical consultation, or a pivotal legal discussion, our professional interpreters excel in diverse settings.

Elevate your cross-cultural engagements with our tailored services, designed to ensure full understanding by both sides of the conversation and to forge genuine connections.

BELS stands ready to deliver linguistic expertise that transcends language barriers, creating an immersive and impactful communication experience tailored to your specific needs.

Face-to-Face (On-Site) Interpreter

Over The Phone Interpretation (OTP)

Experience the unparalleled speed and efficiency of over-the-phone interpretation, especially crucial in emergencies.

Our on-demand service ensures swift connection for immediate language assistance, enabling quick resolution of language barriers.

Perfect for situations requiring an interpreter for less than two hours, our over-the-phone interpreting is a flexible and reliable solution.

Tailored for individuals and teams in the field, this on-demand mobile interpreting service is ideal for service workers, police officers, fire departments, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), utility technicians, visiting nurses, and delivery personnel.

Stay connected on-the-go and overcome language obstacles effortlessly with our over-the-phone interpretation services.

Whether in emergency response or daily operations, BELS will connect you with an interpreter for your immediate language needs.

Business Owner

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Experience a new dimension in effective communication with our advanced Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) services.

Beyond the spoken word, VRI allows interpreters to see and capture the nuances of facial expressions, body language, and gestures, therefore fostering a fully comprehensive understanding for both sides of the conversation.

This dynamic approach proves invaluable in medical settings, schools, government agencies, retail outlets, walk-in locations, and for on-the-go teams, including first responders, service workers, and delivery personnel.

BELS on-demand video interpreting services offers flexibility and efficiency, providing an optimal solution for diverse industries.​

Virtual Team Meeting

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Address: 341 S 3rd St Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43215

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