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Professional Interpretation and Translation Solutions

Company Data

Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)

Veteran Friendly Business Enterprise (VFBE)


UEI: MD7YBP5Q3FB1, NAICS: 541930, PSC: R608

FSC: 7030, Entity Number State of Ohio: 4960650

UNSPSC Codes: 8211

BELS Capabilities




Interpretation, Translation and Localization Solutions

Bond Enterprise Language Services (BELS), is a veteran-owned translation and localization company in Columbus,Ohio. Our skilled team of language and cultural experts provides swift, precise, and professional interpretation, translation, and localization services to consumers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, businesses, and government establishments to make language services available to the public as well as to government and private agencies which oversee homeland security.


"Empowering communicationEnriching communities, Enhancing security."

BELS is dedicated to bridging language barriers in our diverse community. By providing professional interpretation, translation and localization services, we ensure that every voice is heard and every message understood. Our commitment extends to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, businesses, and government establishments where we deliver critical language support to enhance communication and foster inclusivity. For businesses, BELS offers tailored language services to facilitate consumer interactions and accessibility, empowering companies to connect effectively with multilingual audiences.

In partnership with the U.S. government, BELS deploys its language services both nationally and internationally, aiding in the protection of U.S. government foreign and national interests.

BELS services contribute to a more secure and cohesive society by facilitating clear and precise communication.


Bond Enterprise Language Services (BELS) is veteran-owned and places the Army values at the backbone of its operations in order to instill the highest standards of ethics and workplace culture that is to be upheld by each member of our company. 

  • Loyalty: That all members remain true to the interpreting ethics and standards established by the NAJIT Code of Ethics for Court Interpreters and the IMIA Code of Ethics for Medical Interpreters.

  • Duty: That all members see it as their duty and responsibility to facilitate top quality communication to ensure that each individual served by BELS can understand and that their voice be understood. 

  • Respect: That each member recognize and appreciate the inherent dignity and worth of all people by offering complete and impartial language services to our clients.

  • Selfless service: Sevā, in Hinduism and Sikhism, is the concept of selfless service that is performed without any expectation of reward for performing it. Such services can be performed to benefit other human beings or society. Sevā means "service". A more recent interpretation of the word is "dedication to others". "You are only as good as the other interpreter in the room". It is vital to collaborate with colleagues to be able to provide the best quality service especially when interpreting as a team. Help others grow, and you will grow even more capable by doing so. 

  • Honor: That each member commit to a service that remains acceptable in the eyes of the community, serving with professionalism and upholding the BELS ethics and standards without wavering. 

  • Integrity: That even when un-observed, each member must remain in their role and not act outside of the limits of the language services being provided. 

  • Personal courage: That each member continuously seek personal growth and development opportunities to challenge themselves to reach new heights in their abilities, knowing that by staying true to the BELS values, their only exists the opportunity for betterment in every interaction.  


BELS is not just an agency, it is a company with a culture that provides another level of quality which comes from the great attention and care that BELS places in leading its language professionals to always be growing and building up one another. BELS has high standards for its services and therefore strives to provide resources for its language professionals to be able to have success always. BELS places the NAJIT Code of Ethics and the IMIA Code of Ethics at the core of its values, which are nationally recognized standards and ethics established for court and medical interpreters and translators. BELS holds its language professionals accountable by these standards by implementing continuing education and training to ensure optimal quality control of the language services provided to its clients.


BELS chooses top quality language professionals and fosters growth as a team to ensure that its language professionals continue to better their abilities and quality of services daily. Our quality comes from having a company culture that is proactive about team building as well as personal growth and development. BELS ensures that its language experts never miss an opportunity to become better in their profession and works to inspire personal development by creating incentives to do so regularly.

  • Global Network of Top Language Talent

  • Implementation of Advanced Technology

  • Services Tailored to Client's Industry Specific Needs

  • Multi-Industry Service Capabilities

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Integrated Solutions Teams

  • Performance-Based Processes

  • Regular After Action Reviews (AARs)

  • Global Capabilities


BELS HQ is in Columbus, Ohio and has capabilities nationwide and internationally to serve its clients.

Past Performance


Franklin County (Prime Contractor) providing in-person and remote court interpreting for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Haitian Creole and other target languages for Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.

City of Columbus (Prime Contractor) providing in person interpreting for the Spanish language needs at Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus, Ohio, reducing the court's overall cost of interpretation and translation services by over $60,000.00 through grant funding provided Sept 2023 - Dec 2024.

City of Whitehall (Prime Contractor) providing in-person and remote interpreting for a variety of languages including Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Lao and Tigrinya to Whitehall City Schools for student testing, parent teacher conferences, and other meetings upon request.

Providing interpretation solutions and certified document translation direct to consumer for USCIS applications, legal proceedings, academic admissions, professional licensing, business/trade, and medical purposes for a variety of languages.



Phone: (614) 636-2905       Fax: (380) 210-1542

Address: 341 S 3rd St Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43215

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